Most people assume that once they’ve registered their trademark, paid and secured the name, logo or other ‘sign’ for the initial 10-year period, that the job is done.  This however, is just the beginning as there’s more involved when it comes to truly protecting your trademark during the life time of it’s registration.  To make […]

It’s not uncommon for most people to find the legal side of their business a daunting process. The areas of intellectual property such as trademarks, copyright and patents are not the subjects the everyday business person is usually experienced in.  A lot of people are often in doubt to whether they even need to register […]

The cost of registering a trademark depends upon what category your business falls under and the exact products or services you require your trademark protected in relation to.  It’s widely recommended you use a trademark professional who can not only reduce the risk of added expenses but give you the peace of mind you’re giving […]

The importance of professional advice cannot be understated when you are in business or looking at being in business. Here are the top 5 professionals for your business that My Sassy Business recommends you have on your side when you get started. Now I hear you saying which ones are the most important, how can […]

With Christmas just around the corner, please remember that we are having a short break. We are closing the office up from 5pm, 20 December 2013. We’ll be back on deck on 6 January 2014. URGENT MATTERS For any urgent enquiries or trademark matters during the break, please email them to and note “Urgent” […]