A lot goes into the running of a business.  It often entails long days and nights, the stress of managing responsibilities and risk avoidance – in addition to the daily running of your affairs. With this in mind protecting your intellectual property by the way of trademark registration may not be high on your list […]

In order to assist business owners in obtaining an understanding around some common trademark related terms and their meanings, we’ve compiled a glossary for your convenience.  While some may seem obvious to the seasoned trader, many are relatively unknown to most and may be useful for both trademark owners and future applicants. ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION […]

Irrespective of whether you’re a seasoned business owner or brand new, it’s vital you protect your intellectual property and brand from other parties infringing it.  The details of trademark law and other areas of intellectual property are often confusing to many traders.  Your brand and the goodwill you build around can be your business’s most […]

A key point to remember regarding intellectual property law, is that a trademark is an asset.  Like any other asset you own, a trademark is regarded as property, therefore you can sell and/or license that property to other people and companies, within the scope of legal guidelines. Understanding these guidelines and the boundaries you need […]

If you are just starting out in business and looking to take the smart option of protecting your brand and intellectual property so as to prevent somebody trying to copy or infringe on your rights, you may be unaware of what to choose as your mark.  There is often a lot of confusion and misinformation […]