A trademark refers to any ‘sign’ such as a word, phrase, symbol, image, shape, sound, smell, colour or combination of things that identifies and differentiates the goods or services of one trader from the similar goods or services of other traders.  A registered trademark gives the owner rights to use the trademark as registered (and […]

Your trademark acts as a powerful representation of your brand in the business world, bringing with it a high level of protection and responsibility. As a trademark holder you should familiarise yourself with the concept of trademark oppositions.  This type of opposition is a formal process in which one trader lodges an opposition against another […]

Protecting your brand is vital to the success of your business, so it can be very stressful to have your trademark application rejected by IP Australia due to problems with your application.  Should your trademark be determined as being unfit for registration, an examiner from IP Australia will outline the reasons involved in the objection. […]

Most business owners don’t enjoy dealing with the legal side of their company as it can be quite overwhelming having to deal with matters such as legal protection. Many business operators are inexperienced in the area of intellectual property such as, trademarks, copyrights and patents and are often unaware they should register a trademark for […]

The ideal option for protecting your brand is to register a trademark.  Trademark registration goes a long way in protecting your brand name or other distinctive sign (such as a logo, business name, distinct packaging get up) in respect of your goods or services from potential infringers, as well providing you legal protection.  If you’re […]