Welcome to Mark My Words Trademark Services

We provide Australian trademark registration services and can also assist with International Trademark registration. We provide advice in connection with adverse report matters, infringement matters, opposition matters and more.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is basically a ‘badge of origin’ or ‘brand name’. It’s the ‘sign’ that one trader uses to distinguish their goods and/or services from those of other traders.

Why is Trademark Registration Important?

Simply put, registering your trademarks is the only way to be sure you have the right to use your names, logos and brands and is the only way to gain the right to license use of your names, logos and brands to other people. It can also be more difficult (and costly) to try and stop someone from using your names, logos and brands if you don’t have your trademarks registered.

How much does it cost to register a Trademark?

Whilst the cost to register a trademark can vary, see our fees page for a guide as to the costs likely to apply when registering an Australian trademark through our office.

How do I register a Trademark?

This is where we can help. Simply read over the Australian trademark process and contact us when you are ready to proceed. We will take care of everything from ‘start to finish’ for you so that you don’t have to worry about it – you can spend your time focused on what you specialise in whilst we take care of what we specialise in!
See our FAQ pages for more commonly asked questions about trademark registration – including the rights you gain and financial benefits to you and your business.